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Software Asset Management and License Optimization

Software asset management practice is essential for the management of increasingly complex licensing metrics and cloud consumption.

SmartIS is specialized in offering clients internal audits of different vendors such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle for optimizing the use of software licenses and delivering Compliance defense services as also implementing and managing complete SAM tools as such, in which case we work with Snow.

Snow Software is a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management tools. Snow provides in-depth analysis of SW assets and automation to support the tasks required to maintain compliance with software license use rights.

Key Benefits of Implementing SAM practice are:

Cost savings: Clients that mature their SAM processes and use tools to focus on license optimization typically report up to 30 % spending reductions within one year.
Lower risk of software license audit and penalties: Companies that demonstrate strong SAM capabilities can reduce their risk of a software license audit and avoid or minimize noncompliance penalty fees.
Licensing optimization: Strong software asset management is the first step in optimizing licensing and subscriptions across the software portfolio.
Stronger security posture: Cyber criminals are opportunists who seek the path of least resistance. Mature SAM processes are version-aware and provide visibility into aging assets that need to be updated or eliminated.
Better IT asset utilization: The shift to on-demand computing has forced companies to take a closer look at how they consume IT resources.